Sunday, 8 June 2008

A way of seeing

Leaf-picking this morning I found a shell of a brown-lipped snail, the packaging from a thrush's breakfast.

I cleared much of the ivy around and above the early dog-violet (Viola reichenbachiana), now with seed pods.  This plant must have been introduced to the garden many years ago, but it seems to flourish and the plants in KWR have several ripening seed pods like small, pale green cardamoms.

An interesting consideration has been borne in upon me since the start of this project inasmuch as the way I see the view from the kitchen window has changed fundamentally.  I have been looking out of that window at the hedge and the ground in front of it fairly consistently since 1974 - 34 years - but now I have a different regard for it.  Through this project my way of seeing has changed and I am presented with a much greater quantity of significance..  What was previously a tired bit of garden just outside the back door is now rich in natural wonders, dynamics and possibilities.  My relationship with this previously nondescript bit of the planet has changed beyond recognition in only two weeks, but almost entirely through an altered state of perception rather than any actual physical change in myself or KWR.

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